Faces of Salvia

Meet Kambiz, our Senior Reliability Engineer


“I love my job. I get to work with the latest technologies in the medical field and…I get to break them.” This is how Kambiz Nanbakhsh playfully characterizes his role as a Senior Reliability Engineer. And as amusing as it may sound, he's right. His role is crucial, as the only way to ensure your product is truly dependable is by subjecting it to extensive testing – testing, and more testing.

Kambiz has been immersed in the field of neuromodulation for a decade. Before joining Salvia, he had the chance to work at Sapiens, a "very bold" startup he admired, via a program of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Sapiens was a remarkable spinoff from Philips, aimed at bringing more comfort to the lives of Parkinson's patients through neuromodulation. "Sapiens fearlessly ventured into the neuromodulation field with advanced technology, redefining the limits of what was once considered impossible.” And that inspired Kambiz. Ultimately, the company was taken over by Medtronic, where the technology was further matured.

During his time at Sapiens, Kambiz had the pleasure of getting to know colleagues Hubert Martens, Daniel Schobben and Wim Pollet, and through them, he discovered that they were brewing up a new novel concept. They recognized the potential relief that neuromodulation could bring to people and weren’t done innovating.

So, when Salvia was established in 2017, Kambiz didn't hesitate to join the company through a collaboration with Delft University of Technology. "I knew the team, and Hubert's burning passion for integrating technology into the medical industry is genuinely inspiring. He's a true trailblazer – and that inspires me to be bold as well."

"What unites Salvia with Sapiens is the shared mission of helping people through technology, and that's what truly excites me."

Kambiz takes immense pride in the fact that Salvia has already come to the aid of its first patients in clinical trials. "We've poured our heart and soul into reaching this milestone, and there are exciting achievements waiting on the horizon.”

Kambiz's role is to meticulously oversee every aspect of testing, refinement, more testing, and further refinement. "When everything proceeds seamlessly, we elevate the complexity of the tests. My presence here is to bring confidence and foster unwavering design reliability."

This is where he truly thrives.

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Faces of Salvia

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