Faces of Salvia

Meet Liz, our Document Specialist


Liz-Mari (Liz) Carstens, also known as Liz, is an absolute whirlwind. And yes, those are her exact words.

“Everyone here gets the complete Liz experience.”

For Liz, one principle stands above all: daring to be yourself. Something she picked up during her many travels and living in various countries. Born in Namibia, raised in South Africa, then moved to Ghana, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and finally the Netherlands, this powerhouse doesn't shy away from a bit of culture shock. Going overseas was always the plan for her and her husband, as children of the Rainbow Nation.

But how did she find her way to a company like Salvia?

"Well, my husband and I used to visit Love My Curry, the Indian restaurant on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Every time we went there, it hit me: wow, I really want to work on this Campus. It's one of the most stimulating places I've ever come across, with such an international vibe. So, I checked out their job listings, and there are just so many awesome innovative companies around."

However, Salvia stood out. Why?

"Their mission. Helping people with migraine and cluster headache, through a paper-thin implant. During my job interview, my excitement kept growing. I remember walking out of the building, telling myself, 'Alright, Liz, don't get your hopes up.'" But she didn't need to worry because Liz got hired as a document specialist. A role she had already built experience in earlier in her career.

Liz had only just joined the company when she witnessed the first patient being helped in the clinical trials. "I feel an immense sense of pride being part of something so massive and significant. This is truly something I didn't expect in life."

Truly being yourself – it's Liz's personal philosophy that she wishes for everyone. And she feels that authenticity at Salvia, and in The Netherlands. "I fit in. I can genuinely be myself. Everyone here gets the complete Liz experience. My travels taught me that. They led me to open my heart to people."

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