Faces of Salvia

Meet Steve Gee, our Senior Electronics Engineer

“I design electronics not only out of personal passion, but primarily because I want to make a meaningful impact on people's lives.”

These are the words of the modest Steve Gee, Senior Electronics Engineer at Salvia BioElectronics. Modesty is in his roots, as he was born and raised in the English county of Norfolk. At the age of six, he moved with his family to the Netherlands, settling in the Randstad area where he later studied electrical engineering at Delft University of Technology.

With limited job opportunities at the time, Steve's journey took him to Limburg. His career path included electronics design in burglary protection, printer design at Océ in Venlo, and electronics development for small and medium-sized companies. However, there was one missing element for Steve - a place where everything, from production to research and development, happened under one roof.

"I discovered Salvia on LinkedIn, and the company's medical focus immediately caught my attention. The challenge is that the standards in medical companies are exceptionally high. It's not just about creating something and moving on."

Steve continues: "It is fascinating how an electronic design that starts with numbers and calculations and a schematic sketched on a whiteboard can evolve into a high-tech product. And it's really remarkable that this product can have such a positive impact on someone's life. I mean, electronics is cool, but hearing feedback from patients is a hundred times cooler."

Steve has been with Salvia for nearly five years, overseeing the electronics design of Salvia's migraine implant and working on the MySalvia device, a wearable device that allows patients to activate their migraine therapy.

As Salvia grows and more colleagues join, Steve sees an opportunity to specialize further. "I'm moving from being an electronics designer to being more of a verification engineer, including medical certification. I find that very exciting."

Salvia's device is not yet approved for commercial use. We make no claims about safety or effectiveness.

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Faces of Salvia

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Faces of Salvia

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