Faces of Salvia

Meet Stijn, our Product Architect


Stijn Boere has been a Product Architect at Salvia BioElectronics, focusing on the startup's implant for people with severe headaches. Over the past five years, Stijn's role has evolved significantly. "It began with a hands-on and technical approach, exploring various technologies, designs, assessing risks, and strategically choosing areas for innovation. While one might be tempted to innovate in every aspect, it's essential to be realistic and strategic in your choices.”

"As a medical device engineer, experiencing the entire product development process and seeing the first successful outcomes in the clinic is a rare and fulfilling event in one's career."

This evolution is what drew Stijn, who had gained extensive experience in his previous corporate job, to deliberately join a startup. Though it may sound cliché, for him, the allure of "making a meaningful impact" is the driving force behind choosing to work for a startup. "You can take on significant responsibilities and witness firsthand how your contributions directly impact the company's progress."

As a Product Architect, Stijn plays a pivotal role in bringing together diverse disciplines within his team, such as how mechanical design choices directly impact the system's efficiency and user experience.

Team work

In the team, Stijn encounters a wide range of diverse personalities, which is a new experience for him. "Back when I was at my previous company, the dynamics were very different. It takes some getting used to, but it's amazing because it leads to great ideas and numerous discussions." The spirit of teamwork and mutual support among colleagues becomes evident in stressful situations. "You notice that colleagues run the extra mile when needed, and that is very valuable."

When will Salvia be considered a success? "It's when we can have a widespread impact, helping people with severe headaches find relief and comfort in a sustainable way. That's the ultimate goal.”

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Faces of Salvia

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Faces of Salvia

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